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Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat is still open. We are taking extra precautions with cleaning and disinfecting to keep our patients as safe as possible. If you have an appointment and are experiencing any signs or symptoms please give us a call to rescheduled your appointment. Thank you for your help in keeping everyone safe!

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Otolaryngologist Head & Neck Surgeon (ENT)

You can breathe easier, be healthier, and feel better. Doctor Pearson has been Cedar City’s local ENT Dr for 19 years. Do you have any health issues that are in your ear, nose, throat, or head? Do you have trouble sleeping or have allergies that effect your quality of life?

We have a team of medical professional in Cedar City that can take care of you and your family needs. For the best treatments and care for Ear, Nose & Throat in Southern Utah, come to Canyon View ENT!

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"I went to Dr Pearson for an ear issue, he was very polite, he smiles a lot and got me in and out very quickly without making me feel rushed. His bed side manner made me feel very comfortable. Chris at the front desk was also very pleasant and has a great smile! Thanks Dr Pearson and staff for a enjoyable, comfortable Dr visit, which is pretty rare these days!"

Kelly Walbeck

"Dr Pearson is an excellent doctor. He has taken care of all three of my children for 12 years. My daughter needed sinus surgery when she was 8yrs old. The experience from beginning to end was very positive. He was personable with both myself and my young daughter at our first appointment. He put our fears about the surgery at ease. He skillfully performed the surgery and even called to check on her."

Janet Littleford

"Thank you, Dr. Pearson and staff. Our experience at your office exceeded our expectations. We appreciate your time in helping us understand the procedure and our insurance. Thank you for all you have done for our family. We highly recommend DR. Pearson. He is wonderful with children, and I am confident you will be happy with your experience at this office."

Marie Chatterley

Common Reasons People Come To

Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat

CT Scan

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  • Painless and Fast Scanning (30/40 seconds)
  • Lower Radiation than Conventional Hospital Scans
  • Significantly Less Expensive Compared to Hospital Scans
  • Immediate Diagnosis of Sinuses with only 1 visit to the doctor … Read Full Article Here


Allergy Relief

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Dr. Robert Pearson treats chronic allergy sufferers with Immunotherapy, which is a preventive treatment for allergic reactions to substances such as grass, tree & weed pollens, house dust mites, pet dander and mold. Immunotherapy is an effective therapy program that activates the body’s immune system to help build the patient’s immunity to their environmental allergies. Immunotherapy typically offers long-term benefit for people’s symptoms… Read Full Article Here


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A tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure during which a surgeon removes the palatine tonsils from the top of a person’s throat.

For many years, doctors performed tonsillectomies as a treatment for chronic tonsillitis. More recently, they have started using tonsillectomies to help treat breathing problems, particularly in children.

For children and adults, the most likely reasons for needing a tonsillectomy include:

  • recurring or chronic bacterial tonsillitis
  • sleep apnea
  • bothersome snoring
  • breathing problems resulting from swollen or enlarged tonsils
  • cancer
  • bleeding on the tonsils … Read Full Article Here

Ear Tubes

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If your child gets frequent infections or fluid build-up in his middle ear, your doctor may recommend ear tubes. Some adults might need them, too, but it’s not as common.

A doctor will have to do a brief surgery to put them in. Your doctor may put in antibiotic ear drops during or after the surgery to help prevent infections.

Once in place, the tubes can help you or a child in your care get relief from the pain and loss of hearing from these infections… Read Full Article Here


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The Head and Neck
This center of the body includes the important nerves that control sight, smell, hearing, and the face. In the head and neck area, Otolaryngologists are trained to treat infectious diseases, both benign and malignant (cancerous) tumors, facial trauma, and deformities of the face. They perform both cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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