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About Ear Conditions and Disorders

The ear is an organ that identifies and analyzes sound. It is divided into three sections: the outer ear, which receives sound; the middle ear, which transmits vibrations to the inner ear, which controls balance and sends nerve impulses to the brain for recognition of sounds. At Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat, board-certified otolaryngologist and surgeon Dr. Robert D. Pearson specializes in delicate ear conditions and disorders. He and his medical team serve people of all ages with high-quality specialty care, diagnosing and treating a broad spectrum of ear problems, including ear infections, ear tubes, vertigo, hearing loss, and more. Dr. Pearson offers comprehensive treatments and surgical options. We provide exceptional, personalized patient care with safe and effective treatment methods. To start your path toward healing, schedule an appointment at our Cedar City, UT office today.

Ear conditions and disorders can arise from a variety of factors, including infections, exposure to loud noises, and changes in air pressure. Common causes of ear conditions include otitis media, an infection of the middle ear often seen in children, and otitis externa, an infection of the outer ear canal commonly known as swimmer's ear. Excessive earwax buildup can also lead to discomfort and hearing problems. Additionally, structural abnormalities such as ear canal blockages or perforated eardrums may contribute to ear disorders. Certain medical conditions like allergies, autoimmune diseases, or tumors can affect the ears as well. Understanding the underlying cause of ear conditions is crucial for effective treatment and management. Consulting with our team at Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat can help diagnose ear disorders accurately and develop appropriate treatment plans tailored to individual needs.

What Ear Conditions and Disorders Can Be Treated?

Ear conditions and ear disorders, including hearing loss, can significantly impact the lives of anyone at any age. Dr. Pearson and his medical team provide expert care to diagnose and treat your condition, helping to alleviate pain, stress, and any other symptoms you may have related to your condition. Our expert team specializes in both surgical and nonsurgical care and treatment of ENT-related conditions. We treat a broad range of ear conditions and disorders, including:

  • Ear infections, including recurring ear infections
  • Clogged ears or excessive earwax
  • Ear tubes, a treatment option for children and some adults with chronic ear infections or persistent fluid in the middle ear space
  • Hearing loss
  • Vertigo, the feeling of whirling or a false sense of movement
  • Balance

Our team will conduct an assessment of your medical history and the symptoms you are experiencing to gather information about your physical condition. We will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific medical needs. Hearing and balance tests may be necessary to accurately diagnose vertigo, balance disorders, or hearing loss.

Best ENT there is!! Dr. Pearson and his staff are very personable. You never feel like just another number. They actively listen and spend time educating and answering questions. I am very confident in his skills and pleased with my results.

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The best clinic I have experienced in Cedar City. Professional staff. Very kind and easy to talk to. And they listened to every word. Dr Pearson answered all of my questions in easy terms that I easily understood. Never felt rushed. Highly recommend this clinic.

J.S. Google

I've always been treated with respect in and out promptly, and staff always friendly, and The Doc has a great bedside manner and knows his stuff!!!!

D.M. Google

Dr Pearson is a very gentle, kind and extremely knowledgeable Dr. I will be recommending him to all my friends and family.

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Dr. Pearson has been GREAT with my children. He always makes them feel comfortable after seeing him I always feel that my children are in the best care possible.

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If you are experiencing ear pain, hearing loss, balance problems, or wax buildup, reach out to our highly qualified and experienced medical team led by Dr. Pearson at Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat. We offer effective solutions to manage symptoms or the root cause of ear conditions and disorders. Schedule a consultation at our Cedar City, UT office today.

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Why do ear infections occur?

An ear infection can occur when fluids that contain bacteria or viruses get trapped in your ear. Anyone is at risk of getting an ear infection; however, children typically get them more often than adults. This is because children have smaller Eustachian tubes that run more horizontally than adults, making it harder for fluids to drain.

Does hearing loss always occur as we age?

Although hearing loss is common with older age, it is not guaranteed that you will lose your hearing as you age. It is always a good idea to monitor your hearing and undergo a hearing test annually. This will help you to understand the status of your hearing abilities and can help us identify any issues before they become more severe.

Why do I have earwax, and how does it get there?

All ears make earwax, and it is important to know that some earwax is entirely normal and even healthy. Earwax is produced by the secretions of glands in the ear canal. These secretions mix with skin cells to create a protective shield. This shield protects the ear by repelling water, preventing irritation, and helps maintain a healthy pH. Earwax becomes a problem when a large amount builds up, interfering with the ear’s ability to function correctly.

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