Information About Otolaryngology Services

ENT Treatments

Ear, Nose, and Throat Care

Our otolaryngologist provides urgent care for upper respiratory infections, strep throat, ear infections, colds, flu, sinus infections, and more.

Ear Conditions and Disorders

Our expert medical team specializes in delicate ear conditions, serving Cedar City, UT area residents of all ages with high-quality specialty care.

Head and Neck Cancer

Cancers of the head and neck begin in the tissue lining the throat, mouth, or nose and may cause trouble swallowing, facial pain, or mouth ulcers.


If you're feeling disoriented, fatigued, or lightheaded, our ear specialists can help find the cause of vertigo and improve your quality of life.

Chronic Sinus Conditions

This condition affects adults and children, interfering with mucus drainage and causing pain and swelling in pockets inside the head and nose.


Our primary care practitioner can help relieve allergy symptoms, including inflammation of airways, sneezing, or itching, with effective treatments.

Tonsil and Throat Conditions

Our team can diagnose throat pain, tonsilitis, or a viral or bacterial infection accompanied by fever, post-nasal drip, or difficulty swallowing.

Thyroid Treatment

This gland plays a major role in your health, generating hormones to regulate metabolism, energy levels, heart function, body temperature, and more.

CT Scanner

A computed tomography (CT) scan is an imaging technique that uses advanced technology to capture comprehensive images of internal body structures.
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