How Effective Are Allergy Shots for Seasonal Allergies?

By: Dr. Robert D. Pearson


Many people are affected by seasonal allergies, which can cause symptoms ranging from mildly irritating to severely uncomfortable and borderline debilitating. For patients with chronic or severe seasonal allergies, allergen immunotherapy — or allergy shots — can be a life-changing solution for the relief of seasonal allergy symptoms. At Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat in Cedar City, UT, Dr. Robert D. Pearson provides a full range of allergy services, including diagnostic tools and allergy testing, treatment, and more, to help patients get the consistent and reliable allergy relief they deserve. Curious about whether allergy shots will work for your seasonal allergies? In this blog, we’ll answer common questions about allergy shots — including how effective they may be for seasonal allergies and how soon you’ll notice a difference — to help you better understand whether you may be a candidate for this popular treatment.

Common symptoms of seasonal allergy sufferers

Seasonal allergy triggers can vary by geographic location, time of year, and other variables, with grass, pollen, ragweed, and cedar being some of the most well-known offenders. Some of the most common signs and symptoms that may indicate you have seasonal allergies include:

  • Sneezing
  • Nasal congestion (stuffy nose)
  • Coughing
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy throat and eyes
  • Nasal drip/drainage
  • Swollen, puffy eyes
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

In some cases, these symptoms may be only a mild nuisance. For chronic or severe seasonal allergy sufferers, however, allergy symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and problematic, often causing them to lose sleep and even miss work. When over-the-counter allergy medications, prescription medications, and other treatments fail to provide adequate relief from seasonal allergies, it may be appropriate to consider allergy shots.

Do allergy shots work for seasonal allergies?

Yes, many patients have achieved life-changing relief from their seasonal allergy symptoms with the use of allergy shots. It is important to understand that allergen immunotherapy is not considered a “cure” for seasonal allergies, but it can provide dramatic symptom relief, meaning patients may experience fewer, less severe, or shorter-lived symptoms of their seasonal allergies. In some cases, full relief may be achieved.

How long does it take seasonal allergy shots to work?

Patients should be prepared for the reality that allergy shots are not likely to provide immediate relief from their seasonal allergies. For this reason, patients are encouraged to start their treatment well before the high season for their particular allergy triggers and continue allergy shots throughout the year thereafter. On average, it can take about 6 –12 months of continuous allergy shots for the therapy to become effective. Even after relief is achieved, patients must continue maintenance allergy shots about once per month to prevent the return of their symptoms.

During your initial consultation and evaluation for allergy immunotherapy in Cedar City, UT, Dr. Pearson may perform allergen skin tests or lab work to establish your allergy triggers. Based on these findings, your symptoms, and other information, Dr. Pearson will customize an allergy treatment plan that best meets your needs and will give you the greatest chance of rapid, reliable, long-lasting relief that allows you to once again enjoy life to the fullest.

Seasonal allergies got you down? Consider allergy shots in Cedar City, UT

If your seasonal allergies are preventing you from being outdoors, going to work, or even breathing comfortably, our dedicated team can help. For more information about the Cedar City, UT allergy treatments and services available at Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat, call to schedule your private consultation with distinguished provider Dr. Robert D. Pearson today.

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