How to Determine If Laser Tattoo Removal is Right for You

By: Dr. Robert D. Pearson


There are a number of reasons why a person may decide to explore tattoo removal, whether their tattoo has become damaged or compromised over time, the design no longer represents them, or they are simply tired of their tattoo. For many of these people, laser tattoo removal offers the life-changing opportunity to fade or even get rid of unwanted ink and restore clearer skin once again. At Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat in Cedar City, UT, Dr. Robert D. Pearson and our team of aesthetic providers perform laser tattoo removal using the cutting-edge Harmony® XL PRO laser system. With Harmony laser tattoo removal, you can join the many men and women who have started fresh and regained their confidence. Keep reading to learn more about whether laser tattoo removal may be right for you and what you should know about the treatment.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal utilizes laser (heat) energy to break up pigmented tattoo ink beneath the skin’s surface, which is ultimately targeted and excreted by the body’s natural immune system.

Will laser tattoo removal get rid of my tattoo completely?

Patients considering laser tattoo removal should have realistic expectations for their results and understand that their tattoos may not be 100% removed. There are several variables that influence how successful laser tattoo removal is, including the age and color of the tattoo, the patient’s skin tone, their overall health, and others. For many people, a full round of laser tattoo removal — which will include a series of treatment sessions — yields a result that can dramatically fade the tattoo and, in some cases, remove visible evidence of the tattoo altogether. For patients who are considering laser tattoo removal before a tattoo coverup, the treatment can get an adequately “clean slate” for the new tattoo.

Am I a good candidate for laser tattoo removal?

Undergoing tattoo removal is a highly personal decision. Aside from the emotional aspect of laser tattoo removal, there are several health factors to consider as well when determining whether treatment is right for you. Generally speaking, ideal candidates for laser tattoo removal:

  • Have a tattoo (or tattoos) that they are self-conscious about, do not represent them any longer, or have degraded over time
  • Have older tattoos (versus more recent ink), as these typically respond better to treatment
  • Have a strong contrast between skin tone and ink color
  • Are nonsmokers
  • Have a strong, healthy immune system

Why does my immune system matter for laser tattoo removal?

Ahead of laser tattoo removal, patients should redouble their efforts to make healthy lifestyle choices, including eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, and avoiding nicotine and tobacco. All of these can help the immune system to function at its peak, which is critical for a successful tattoo removal treatment since the immune system is what ultimately removes the ink that is broken up by the laser. Prior to treatment, Dr. Pearson and our team will discuss aspects of your health or lifestyle that may impact your results and provide guidance on how to boost your immune system for a more successful outcome.

Say goodbye to your unwanted ink with laser tattoo removal in Cedar City, UT

If you are tired of living with a constant reminder of something or someone from the past — or if you simply have had a change of heart when it comes to your tattoo(s), you may benefit from laser tattoo removal. Start the process toward restoring clear skin once again by calling Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat to schedule your Cedar City, UT, laser tattoo removal consultation with Dr. Robert D. Pearson and our aesthetic laser specialists today.

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